All the speed and taste and none of the junk. Fast Food reimagined by The Hungry Cowgirl.

What if we could make fresh, nutritious, ethically prepared, affordable fast food? That’s the question that led two Pittsburgh-based chefs, Vince & Gretchen, to create The Hungry Cowgirl: a delivery-only restaurant bringing the best Tex-Mex inspired cuisine right to your door. After all, THC tastes better in a bowl.

THC is committed to changing the way you think about fast food. We specialize in fresh ingredients, rustic cuisine, and bold flavors that you can feel good about without breaking the bank. We hope you enjoy our bowls!
-Chef Vince and Gretchen

Our story begins with two friends coming up in the Pittsburgh restaurant scene. There’s Vince who has showcased his culinary mastery in some of the city’s most celebrated venues—notably the federal galley and Supper on Penn, where he dished out his signature casual American eats.  And Grechen, a starry-eyed Arizonian turned Los Angeles transplant who arrived in Pittsburgh to create a successful catering company alongside her sister.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when the two friends banded together to adapt to the changing restaurant landscape with one shared focus in mind: the modern day customer.  

With delivery accelerating more than dine-in, Vince and Gretchen began reimagining what it meant to bring the restaurant experience directly to the customer. In this newfound culture of convenience where life in the fast lane has returned for good the need for quality fast food was abundantly clear.

So the chef friends landed on a central question: what if we could make fresh, ethically prepared, and nutritious—without sacrificing affordability, convenience or deliciousness?  

The collaboration between the two resulted in their signature southwest flavors, and they are proud to offer you a memorable and delicious meal.

Thus The Hungry Cowgirl was born.

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